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We are a strategic ally promoting the sustainable growth of higher education institutions. We have to expand the purpose of access to quality higher education, improving lives and transforming society. We offer a comprehensive, highly proven model for virtual education, as well as the tools necessary to deliver excellent teaching and learning experiences.


The Challenge

“We are not being able to increase and obtain quality leads with our current digital partner.”

The Problem

The Ads was not being segmented correctly, the creative pieces were not adequate to reach the audience in a performance strategy. We noticed that RMKT actions, LAL audiences were not being executed and the pixels were not configured correctly.

Our team

He arranged a team of digital marketing professionals to analyze the project and provide a media plan that allows Sysneo to obtain qualified and enrolled leads.

The process

  1. Analysis of the current situation. We were able to identify that the agency that provided the digital advertising service was unaware of the good practices and strategies of performance campaigns, they did it in a very rustic way. Although the platforms were correct, the strategy and the appropriate media plan were not.

  2. Redesign of the digital media plan. It consisted of surveying the different undergraduate and postgraduate courses that Sysneo offers to future students. We develop a branding plan that allows us to then proceed with the performance plan. Together with the client, we set budgets per race based on their target enrollment. We develop the creative needs for each of the strategies and stages.

  3. Conversion pixel settings and campaign implementations. Once the new plan, platforms and developing a plan of necessary creatives were defined, we got to work to proceed with the connections, implementations and controls of the conversion flows. In such a way as to be able to execute strategies aimed at a performance need.

The plan

After exhaustive analysis, we design the plan based on the registration calendar and closings of registrations and available courses. From what had been done so far, we kept what worked and discarded what had not worked. This is how we set out to impact the desired audience in three stages. These being:

  • Cold: Attract new users (potential students) to the university by raising recognition of Sysneo. Brand Awareness Action.

  • Warm: Arouse the interest and consideration of these new users, and push them to complete their registration on the website. Remarketing performance action.

  • Hot: Push interested users to complete the registration action. Remarketing performance action.

Plan | SysImage

The results by call


The results by product

Central NextImageCentral Next | DatosImage

*Data obtained from Google Analytics.

Central + | LogoImageCentral +_datosImage

*Data obtained from Google Analytics.

CBS | LogoImageCBS_resultados_GAImage

*Data obtained from Google Analytics.

The numbers

  • +13.5k Leads.

  • +1.2K Enrolled.

  • +8.74% Conversion Rate.

Carreras Central NextImage

The comments

"With the help of Crecé Más, our results have been enhanced. His strategic approach has contributed significantly to budget optimization, giving a boost to our digital marketing campaigns."

Juan Aguilera | CEO | Sysneo


"Crece Más has been a fundamental partner in our digital marketing strategy. Its strategic approach is reflected in the constant improvement of our results. We highlight its efficient budget optimization and effective cost reduction, which has been essential for the successful performance of our campaigns."

Lujan Lopez | Head of Marketing | Sysneo



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Conversion Rate.

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